We have 3 packages in You Can Automate,


Let's help you figure out which one is best for you...

Love Technology

You enjoy learning new systems, programs and catch on quickly.

You have the time

You'll prioritize migrating to a new system if you know that it will save you time and money in the end.

DIY Option is good for you!

You can get started with a free trial and then only pay $149'/month thereafter.

Be sure to check out our strategy sessoin add-ons and our 30-Day Roadmap!

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Allergic to Technology

Anything tech related puts you into avoidance mode.

You don't have the extra time

You are an abundant entrepreneur and you prefer to leave things out of your zone of genius to the experts.

Done For You is the best option for you

The good news is that you can get the support you need to migrate your business to our all-one-system.

We offer the "Facelift" focused on basic migration and set up, and the "Makeover" which gives you a clean slate in your business.

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Set It Up Yourself


Unlimited website pages, landing pages, funnels, courses, texting, calendars, blogging, task management, automations, pipelines, and more!

Yes! I have tutorials and am available to help you!

The Facelift:

Set it Up For Me

We migrate your Business into the software for $1997, then $149/month thereafter

This includes: migrating over existing websites, course, landing pages, email templates, calendars, contacts/ email list, creating pipelines and automations.

The Makeover:

Rebuild & Rebrand

$5000 set up

then $149/month thereafter

This includes: a fresh and new websites, course, landing pages, email templates, calendars, contacts/ email list, creating pipelines and automations, copy, graphics and more!

Includes multiple strategy sessions

Available Add-Ons I offer:

Get Shit Done Roadmap


for the DIY'ers... Get Shit Done in 30-days with daily tips/ tutorials

Strategy Call


Get clarity on your business model BEFORE we begin migrating your business over.



Spend the Day with Elaine and come away with a marketing strategy for the year.

Not quite ready to commit yet?

That's okay!


Sometimes we can feel stuck when there are too many choices, or we just don't know if it's the right fit. You might need more information. You wonder if this will actually help you!


I'll be 100% honest with you...


Most people schedule a call with me BEFORE they commit! I actually really enjoy and prefer it!

Want to Chat before you Get Started?

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