Your Business Called...

It's tired of manual labor

Ditch the Duct-Tape Business Systems (ie: using 10 softwares to run your business) to an all-in-one system!

I have a question for you...

Are you...

  • manually following up (or not at all)

  • manually booking appointments

  • manually responding to messages

  • manually onboarding new clients

  • manually assigning tasks to your team

  • manually tracking your customers in their journey

  • manually requesting information

  • manually texting and emailing

  • manually confirming appointments

  • manually tracking everything on spreadsheets?

My guess is you are feeling dizzy from trying to keep up with it all!

As Phoebe would say...


Friends don't let Friends run their business without

Let's play

"Would you rather"...

No, not about choosing between Sex or Food...

Let's say you want to make Phoebe's famous cookies...

You can go to the grocery store, and buy all of the ingredients

- OR _

You can have a box delivered with all of the ingredients you'll need.

(Just like Hello Fresh!)

What's your time worth?

Having everything your business needs under one roof...

can save you both TIME and MONEY.

  • No more switching back and forth between systems.

  • No More using zapier to connect everything.

If you had a magic wand...

  • What would your business do?

  • What would your business look like?

  • What tasks would you put on autopilot?

  • What would you do with the extra time and money you would save?

With You Can Automate, Anything is possible!

With You Can Automate, Anything is possible!

And the Best Part... we'll set it all up for you!

It's the ultimate time saver!

Check for yourself!

Personally, I was using 10 software programs and spending $3883 a year to run my business.

What's your total? What are you spending per month/ year to run your business?

I know it can be scary and overwhelming to consider migrating your business into something new.

  • I know you are thinking about how much time it will take to set everything up.

  • I know you are thinking you aren't good at technology and how much of a pain this will be.

  • I know you are wondering if this will really save you time and money in the end. Will it be worth it?

Don't worry....Because

Chandler Before

  • No one knew what he did

  • His analytics weren't on track

  • His lead conversion was garbage

  • He was disorganized and felt out of control.

Chandler After

  • He feels more confident

  • His business is more organized

  • He can take a vacation

  • He's not afraid of technology anymore!


Let's have a conversation



I'll help you evaluate your current business systems and if this could be an option, I'll give you a tour of the software.

  • No Pressure

  • No Hard Sales

Just helping you figure out what solution is best for you.

Check out the Nitty Gritty Details


You Can automate can help you replace your website subscriptions, including landing pages, funnel builders.


  • Kajabi

  • Clickfunnels

  • Lead Pages

  • Squarespace

  • Wix

  • Web flow

  • Wordpress

Course/ Membership

Say goodbye to the limitations of other course builders. You can have unlimited courses, memberships, programs, etc. free/ paid, recurring payments, one time payments, you name it. All you need is a stripe account!


  • Kajabi

  • Member vault

  • Thinkific

  • Teachable

  • Mighty networks

  • Coaches console

  • Pipeline pro

client communication

Is follow up your kryptoniate too? With our crm, you can track all communications, including emails, texts, DM's, phone calls, and messages from google my business!


  • Keap

  • Hubspot

  • Mailchimp

  • Mailerlite

  • Constant contact

  • Twilio

  • Project broadcast


Our invoicing system allows you to request a one time payment or set up recurring invoices. auto-payments can be set up in courses/ memberships!

Uses: Stripe

Integrates with Quickbooks




Google calendar

Google my business

Facebook business page(s)

Facebook group(s) - Yes you can connect more than one!

Instagram business account Linkedin




Wordpress hosting

STMP email servers

SMS-it, unlimited texting (included!)


calendar management

The appointment scheduler is super easy and flexible! Want to only have 1 type of appointment per day? You got it!

Want to have paid appointments? You got it!

Want people to complete a form to go with the appointment? You got it!


  • Calendly

  • Acuity

  • Youcanbook me

Social media scheduler

Don't you hate having to schedule to your Facebook groups, Pages, Instagram, Linkedin and and Google my Business separately?

With you can automate, you can create and schedule one post to go to those 5 platforms! BOOM!


  • Buffer

  • Hoot suite

  • Planoly

  • Plann

  • Later

surveys/ forms

Wouldn't it be cool to follow up with your leads based on their answers to certain questions?

You got it!

Our surveys and forms are super robust and customizable.

You can even turn a form into a contract with the signature feature!


  • Jot form

  • Google forms

  • Quiz makers

  • Hello sign

  • Docusign


The heart of this system is the robust automation features. Set up automations for almost anything and everything you need to make your business run on autopilot!

Can replace some zapier integrations, but also can be connected to zapier and appy pie

How long does it take?

I can get a full migration done in under a week if I've been given everything I need.

A makeover can take about 30-day or so, again, depends on how quickly I get everything I need.

Does your Business Need a Facelift OR a Makeover?
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List of popular CRM's you may be using: Hubspot, Sales Force, Keap, Monday, Oracle, Zen Desk, Zoho
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Sounds like your business could benefit from a Facelift!
Here's what that looks like:
Business Migration: Website (optional), Funnels/ Landing Pages, Courses/ Memberships, Calendars, Contacts, Email Templates, Forms, Surveys, setting up your automations to make it all work!
Sounds like your business could benefit from a Makeover!
(I promise not to make you look like Rachel though LOL)
Here's what that looks like:
Business Makeover includes: VIP Sessoin with Elaine to map out a plan of attack... creating a business based on your goals for the next 12-months and beyond... New Branding: Graphics & Logo (optional), Full Migration of your business, a website re-build, CRM set up, New Emails, New Forms, New Landing Pages & Funnels, Migrating existing courses or uploading brand new ones (with transcriptions), Calendar Set Up, Social Media Set Up, New Suveys and Forms, Ultimate Automation package to make your business run on auto-pilot

Press Play!